Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Effective or Ineffective?

      Writing can be classified as effective or ineffective depending on the tone, wording, structure, and content presented. In my mind, the email attached is an effective piece of writing for a few reasons.  One, it explains to the employees what is going on with the company and why there have been cuts to positions. Secondly, the email is written in a very sincere tone and also informs employees about meeting for any questions or concerns they may have regarding the change of staff.  This is appropriate because the information being discussed can be life changing for some of the employees.                        
     Although I do believe that speaking of others positions should remain private, there is no personal information about which employees were cut from the team and why.  This email is specifically written to notify and help the company understand the change in staff. Below is the link to view the email.

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