Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Persuasion is Key!

    Are You "On The Fence" About Getting An iPad? is an article that talks about why purchasing an iPad would be a smart idea. This article is full of information including why it is such a special product, insider info, special features, and it even shares a story from someone who bought an iPad that says they will never regret their purchase.
    This article has an emotional and logical appeal that is appropriate for the overall message. The informal format is effective because it makes the readers feel like they are getting opinions and information from someone who is just like them instead of an organizations perspective. The target market this article is aiming towards is people all around the world who are on the fence about whether or not to purchase an iPad or not. Although I am already a proud owner of an iPad, this article persuaded me to buy one, therefore, this article was an effective piece of writing. If I were to post this article, I would have put more pictures of the iPad itself and maybe put some pictures of people enjoying themselves with their wonderful piece of technology.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Negative News? O No!

Receiving negative news is never fun. As a business professional, it is important to stay positive and collected although the message may cause you to have a negative emotional response.  When receiving bad news, the first initial instinct is to fight back and defend our personal view. Although at the time of receiving the bad news it feels like a good idea to write back, it isn’t.  Rarely can any positives come out of reacting against someone who is in a negative emotional state. By responding it will only fuel the fire and add additional negativity that is unnecessary. If a response is necessary, it is best to respond after thinking about how you can phrase your thoughts in an appropriate and professional manner.

Example:  Someone gave you or your company a bad review online for everyone to see.

This may anger you and other co-workers but as stated above, it is never a good idea to write when angry.